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PROGRAM  4.3.2023

〰 Free entry 


The music program 2023 offers you smooth and groovy house music by day, magical live performance during the sunset and techno under the night sky. Local force is represented by new faces and seasoned veterans with guests arriving from Helsinki, Turku and Estonia.

14:00    DJ yrtti

15:00    Lempee (baby don’t hurt me), performance

15:30    Blushie    

17:00    Sophia Mitiku (live)   

17:35    Merimell (EST)

19:00    J. Kristian

20:00    Jään spektrit, improvisation-based poi performance

20:30    Delikatessen

22:00    The festival ends

00:00    Official After Party @ 45 Special

             〰 Oivo

             〰 Malsson

             〰 Tenko

             〰 Tribos

             〰 Cultish Collective in visuals

What else?

Skiing workshop

Guidance on wilderness style skiing in great conditions! The workshop offers you recycled skis from the 80s that fit your own shoes.


The workshop is held by Johannes Effe, a nature and wilderness guide and an entrepreneur (Local Wilderness Oulu), who sometimes also makes theater and music.

Oskari's ice fishing

Get the best advice and guidance to satisfy your ice fishing cravings. No fish guarantee! The necessary equipment can be found on site.


In the freezing landscape of Nallikari the Frozen People is also made of amazing artworks. The festival day lets you experience inviting installations and performances, comfy spaces, encounters and interactive light art.


AUTAPSE, interactive video projection

Niko Tiainen

LEMPEE (baby don’t hurt me)

Installation: Anna Anundi

Perfomance: Anna Anundi, Mónica Celeste, Katriina Kenttämies

LIFE IS A BEACH AND THEN YOU DIE, ice sculpture/installation



Hermanni Hakumäki ja Eljas Rytkölä

JÄÄN SPEKTRIT, improvisation based poi performance

Kerttu Tuomala, Oulun Tähtisirkus

PUMPULINNA, a comfy spot for dreaming and resting

Illjana & VituEmo

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