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Event information for the visitor

-The entry to the festival is free of charge-

Festival area

The festival area is marked on the ice with signs. The durability of the sea ice at the festival area has been assessed by the professional and found to be safe. The number of visitors in the area will be limited if necessary.

Note! Going outside the festival area is at your own risk. Do not move far from the festival area and the beach if you are not familiar with the prevailing ice conditions.




We recommend arriving at Nallikari on foot, by bike, by bus (line 15) or even by kicksled! Note: If the bus strike continues, bus 15 may not run to Nallikari on Saturday. Current situation can be found on the Oulu public transport website. There is no separate parking area reserved for cars. If you arrive by car, there are a few public parking areas in Nallikari.

Access to the event area is from the northern end of Nallikari beach, along the footpath leading to the lighthouse. Note! Paths leading to the festival area can be wet and slippery depending on weather conditions.



Access to the event area is unfortunately not barrier-free due to its exceptional location. There is a plowed route only leading to the lighthouse. Depending on the weather conditions, the terrain can still be challenging to navigate.


Eating, drinking

There is a pop-up food service (Kujalan tila and Shaman Spirits) at the event with burgers, non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks etc. Refreshments and alcoholic drinks under 2,8 % are also sold at the Oulu Urban Culture information tent. Consumption of alcoholic beverages takes place only in designated area.


You may bring your own snacks and non-alcoholic refreshments to the festival area. The event area has also pop-up campfire sites that can be used to heat food.

Restaurant Nallikari, located on the beach, serves customers throughout the event.



Visitors can use toilets (baja houses) which are next to food tents.



We kindly ask you to take all the trash to the trash cans. Let's keep the festival area clean by taking away everything you brought to the area. The recycling point can be found near the food tent. At Nallikari beach area there are several general waste bins, e.g. along the footpath leading to the lighthouse.



The event area may be slippery. Wind can raise some water on the ice and turn the melting snow into slush. We encourage visitors to dress creatively, but even more important is that you arrive at the event with the right gear, clothes, waterproof shoes and attitude! Imagine that you are going on a winter trip. In Nallikari the wind can feel very freezing, even if there is not much cold.



  • Wear several thin layers of clothing under your outerwear and pack spare layers of clothing in your backpack.

  • Take a camping chair with you and set up a camp on the sea ice with your friends.

  • Waterproof shoes or studded shoes may be necessary.

  • Remember to keep moving and dancing!

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