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  • The festival area is located this year, due to weather conditions, exceptionally on the Nallikari lighthouse peninsula and only partly on the sea ice. The durability of sea ice at the festival area has been assessed by the professional and found to be safe. The number of visitors in the event area will be limited if necessary.

  • The event area is marked with signs. We recommend to use the official entrance.

  • Note! Going outside the event area is at your own risk. Do not move far from the festival area or beach if you do not know the area and are not familiar with the condition of the ice. 

  • Due to the exceptionally warm period, the terrain in the area is uneven, slippery, and slushy - so please move cautiously. In the evening, it will also be dark in the area.

  • Prohibited things in the festival are:

    • weapons, knives and other dangerous objects and substances

    • alcoholic beverages and drugs

  • At Frozen People everyone has the right to feel safe without fear of discrimination and harassment (sexual, physical, verbal etc.). Let's take responsibility for a safe atmosphere together:

    • Respect the physical and psychological space of others. For example, don't touch without permission or speak offensively.

    • Give everyone space to be themselves, respecting diversity. Do not make assumptions about sexuality, gender, nationality, ethnicity, religion, values, socio-economic background or health based on appearance.

    • Meet people with an open mind and respect, building an equal and respectful atmosphere with your own actions.

    • If you experience or notice any kind of inappropriate behavior, please contact the staff at the info point or security.

  • There are security guards and first aid personnel in the event area, who have the right, if necessary, to do a security check on visitors and remove disturbing, threatening or excessively intoxicated persons from the area.

  • Frozen People is a free event open to everyone. If the event area becomes congested, we ask the audience to give space to others. You are free to leave the area and come back later.

  • You can ask the staff about lost items. After the event, the found items will be taken to the Oulu police station.

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