Oulu Urban Culture (OUC) is a non-profit organization supporting urban cultural enrichment in the region of Oulu. Established 2018, the organization develops diverse, lively and communal urban culture by means of multiple events and projects.

The operations are directed towards young adults interested in working within the cultural sector. OUC supports their independent labor, employment and chances to apply for the cultural sector. The projects, activity environments and diverse events bring enjoyment for the citizens of Oulu.

Oulu Urban Culture Urban Boost project
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Urban Boost is a project under the European Social Fund (ESF) from 1st of September 2019 to 31st of December 2021 developed by Oulu Urban Culture. The project produces urban culture by connecting employment solutions and active participation in an innovative way.

For the 18 to 29-year-old participants, the project has developed a Culture Workshop to produce fresh urban culture endeavors and a Culture Lab for the application of low-threshold cultural activities. The aim is to improve the participants work life skills and readiness for education through different coaching applications as well as encouraging participation to independent cultural activity.

The project functions offer tools for the participants to produce, pilot and carry out their own vision of urban culture. As Oulu applies for designation as a European Capital of Culture 2026 this project offers new possibilities to improve the practice of culture within Oulu.


The project is funded by the North Ostrobothnian Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, the City of Oulu and the North Ostrobothnia Regional Fund of Finnish Cultural Foundation.

Culture Workshop


The Culture Workshop is directed towards unemployed young adults from 18 to 29-year-old, who are interested in creating culture. The workshop period is carried out through the training program offered by the Public employment and business services of Finland (TE-services). The workshop is part of the Urban Boost project.


The workshop offers a diverse, low-threshold chance to get to know the world behind producing cultural events and activities. Previous experience in the field is not required. The workshop phase includes education in producing cultural events: getting to know the different areas, factors and productions of urban culture and finally creating new individual urban culture events and projects.


The spirit of the workshop is individual and experimental with a DIY mentality. Its focus is in learning by doing and creative thinking. The workshop considers culture as a wide spectrum ranging from art to food, from subcultures to multiculturalism. Teaching is organized together with professionals, companies and societies working in culture, art and event production.


The workshop is situated at the urban village of Pikisaari, Oulu, and it includes a possibility to test diverse endeavors within the Culture Lab. The development of this new and unique space is part of the workshop effort.

Culture Lab

Oulu Urban Culture offers a multipurpose Culture Lab facility free of charge for 18 to 29-year-old participants as a platform for culture and art projects as well as a location for communal pop-up events. The Culture Lab at the urban village of Pikisaari, Oulu, is part of the Urban Boost project.

The Culture Lab can be used as a space for working, performances, event location and exhibitions. The basic principle of the facility is that all events organized within the premises are free of charge to the public and participants. Despite limiting the user group of the facility,
all the events are free to the public unless otherwise determined by the organizer.


The Culture Lab is used during the weekdays for the productions and activities of OUC Culture Workshop. For young adults the Culture Lab also organizes free of charge lectures and workshops in arts, culture, entrepreneurship and employment.


Heikki Myllylahti

Project manager, Urban Boost

heikki@urbanculture.fi, +358 41 317 4069