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The Nook

The Nook project turns lifeless urban spaces into vibrant and experiential places called Nooks. For residents, these places appear for example as calming nests from the city buzz, cozy green and floral avenues, spots for admiring the Northern Lights, or as concrete communal changes to the everyday environment.

Our goal is to experiment with and improve the way we design public places in Oulu. With the downtown area changing due to several megatrends, we believe it’s important to make public spaces more diverse. These spaces don’t have to be just for getting from one place to another; they can also serve as genuine meeting and activity spots for people, almost like an extension of their homes.

The project will be implemented in collaboration with local and international partners from 2024 to 2026, as part of the Oulu2026 cultural programme.

You'll find more information about the Nook project here.

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